Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tommy Jensen

The head of our house: Tom Jensen! He is having a fantastic year! His greatest joy is being a father and being home with his family (I think that was true for him when he was 6 years old too but you'll have to ask his terrific mother!) His dream is to work from home so that is what we are focusing all of our energy on right now. This picture was taking on a camping trip with Marci and Eric in Canada. He is giving me a hard time as usual! He must get that from either his Dad (?) or his brother Greg (?)! We all loved our camping trip and hope to do more of that!

Cristy Jensen

The Mom! What can I say? My greatest joy and purpose is to be the best, most supportive wife that I can be. Then I am a mom. I am focused on creating a joyful, loving home for our family. It has been an incredible summer! We have been camping, swimming in the lakes, doing final home completion projects and most importantly, training our boys in the way they should go. It is a big responsibility but one that I am eager to take on. So, on that note, here are the boys...

Brady Jensen

Brady, our youngest! He is our courageous, fearless boy who loves to be up high! At the age of one he is climbing up large slides and ladders!He loves to push wagons, trucks and his toy piano accross the floor! His biggest achievement is learning to walk as of a couple of weeks ago. He celebrated his 1st birthday in June and changed from a baby to a little boy! He also loved camping but not the car ride as much. He is an active little boy and doesn't want to sit for very long... keeps Mom on her toes.

Carter Jensen

Carter, our first boy! Like most boys, he loves to be outside and he also loves anything to do with wheels: Tractors, Trucks and Semi's. He is a sweet boy that says Pweese and Sank you! He is our cautious, trustworthy boy who has a sensitive heart especially if someone has an owwie! His big achievement this month was learning to use the big toilet (thanks to stickers and M and M's). He celebrated his 3rd birthday with an awesome 'Nemo' cake made by Dad! camping with Carter was awesome. He loved every minute of it and we loved watching him!