Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting Our Christmas Tree!

The boys had fun

At first the sled wasn't the ideal method of transportation... Brady kept tipping over when he sat in the sled alone! And Carter wanted to walk, until of course he realized that his boots were heavy! Plus it was an uphill climb. But by the end of the journey the boys were very happy to sit and get a fun, fast ride from Dad. Plus, Brady figured out his balance and how to 'lean'. It was great!

While we were in search of "the tree", Dad and Carter decided to take advantage of a a minor fall and catch a few snow flakes while maxin' and relaxin'. The weather decided to change on us unexpectedly (as it often does here in Montana) and went from blue skies to dumping snow in a matter of a few minutes...

A beautiful thing, a mother hen and her clutch...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Well today is Thanksgiving and I, Cristy feel I have SO much to be thankful for. This has definately been the best year of my life apart from when I first became a Christian and met Tom in Switzerland (that was 1997-98). So now it is 2006 and I'm thankful for my very hard working faithful husband, Tom. Next, my 2 healthy, happy boys, Carter and Brady. They are so much fun every day! I'm thankful to God for blessing me this year with such rich relationships with friends... You will see most of our friends in this blog (read on so you can see yourself!). So, when you think about your life... Think on this. People are more important than things, people are more important than things and people are more important than things! If you're reading this blog than chances are, you are someone that is very dear to us and we look forward to spending time with you in the very near future. With much love, Cristy Jensen.

Carter & Brady with the Pickering Family!

Some other friends that we've recently gotten to know are Angie & Chris Pickering. They are a neat couple that we have a lot in common with. Plus, their kids, Elijah and Gabe are close to Carter and Brady in age. We are exchanging Date night with them once a month and are pretty thankful for their friendship.




Jason, Vangie & Levi

We have definately been blessed with an abundance of friends this year. This is Jason & Vangie Peterson. They have introduced us to the game, Settlers of Catan. Over about 5 days, we saw them 3 times and played Catan!

Levi is their 2 year old boy who is Carter's fast friend. The kids connected as quickly as the adults did and it's been so terrific for both families. Levi and Carter spend their time running from the kitchen to the living room. And then little Brady makes sure he is included by walking into the circle and screaming to announce his presence! We laugh and laugh at our cute little boys!

Ron & Kim

Our awesome friends Ron and Kim that used to live in Kalispell, MT with us. They were our first close friends here. We miss them very much. This fall we were able to see them in San Diego. It was a great visit with them! We love you so much Ron and Kim!

Wood cutting

Brady discovers his Tongue!

Brady is definately our goofy goofy little boy. He keeps us laughing! For awhile he was sticking his tongue out constantly. It was hilarious!

4th of July

Fun Times

Those Hunts really know how to enjoy life and have fun!

Jenny & Joel

Our friends Jenny & Joel came to visit us this summer and it was so awesome to have them ! We appreciate these special friends so much!