Sunday, November 04, 2007

'Big Mamma' in da house!!!

What a cute pregnant lady, eh? Pregnancy does such weird things to people, did you see Cristy? She was sewing!?!? How strange... We love our mamma, she is so special to us and she loves us just how we need it. She is committed to being the best and she is the best! She naps a lot, eats a lot, and laughs a lot. What a great life we live...

Little 'Jackson', our newest addition!!

With only having two boys, a pregnant wife, and running two businesses and looking at a third, I figured we didn't have enough going on so we got a puppy! We picked up 'Jackson' on Haloween night so you could say he was the ultimate trick or treat! He lives in the laundry room and runs around the house all crazy at times. Other times he just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. We're happy to call him ours!


Spiderman and Bob the Builder were quite popular around the neighborhood... They had a blast and made off like bandits! Carter's famous words were, "You guys hide and we'll go get the candy!!" and Brady kept telling people, "Have a good night!!".