Monday, September 24, 2007

Our blue eyed Brady Alan

I realized the other night when I was looking at Baby names that Brady means 'Spirited' and is that ever a true statement!! He is spirit and wild and crazy!! He turned 2 this summer and got a brand new blue bike with training wheels. He talks so much and the other day started to say 'awesome'. He is still our loud child... but at least he can talk now and not scream to get out attention. He is the cutest when he says something that he thinks is funny and then says, 'Brady funny Mom' and squinches up his nose and shoulders and squints his eyes! He is so beautiful to us and we love being with him! He loves being with dad and going to the store with him!! The first thing he says when he wakes up is Apple Juice! And his favorite way to phrase words is to say two words around our names... 'Work, Daddy work?' or 'eat, Mom eat?' or Yes, Mom Yes! It's the best!!

Our little Carter

Carter turned 4 this summer and was SOOO excited to get a brand new red bike with training wheels. He brings us so much joy everyday as he learns more and more and becomes more independant! He can dress himself now and even put his own socks on. All of that pleases him so much! Plus, he is VERY funny! The things that he says and when he uses the hand gestures... It has us cracking up often! We are loving this age and realize that it won't be long and he won't be little anymore. He is doing preschool at home with Mom and Brady. So far he has made it to the letter 'C'. Carter LOVES being with his Dad and 'working'. Last night they were coloring together and he said, 'I love working like this' as he was waving his marker around to help explain what he meant. It was awesome!