Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mom and Dillon are coming home! Woo Hoo!

Dad, Carter and Brady were sure excited when we could go pick up the rest of our family! I'm just so thankful that all is well and everyone is great. Dillon has two older brothers who are so amazed that his hands and feet are so small! And Cristy has a husband who adores her and is so grateful that we're all together again as a family of five!

Welcome to planet earth, baby Dillon!

We welcomed Dillon Travis into the world on Sunday, January 6th! He weighed in at a painful 9 lbs 3 oz and was over 22 inches long. We're already calling him 'Big D'. The nurses said that Cristy was the first person they've ever seen to deliver a baby while wearing a baseball cap! Way to go Cristy! That was just the start of the 'firsts' for my amazing wife... Not long after the delivery, the doctor didn't like that Cristy was still bleeding so she tried a few things, and soon decided to take her into the O.R. (operating room)! After a while in the OR room with no success, they began preparing for a histerectomy when her other doctor decided to try a new procedure that he had just recently researched. It was basically a 'balloon' that was inserted and filled with fluid and it simply put pressure against the walls of the utereus to stop the bleeding. She was the first one to have this procedure done in this hospital. The following day they removed some fluid every so often and Thank God it worked, the bleeding stopped! She spent the entire day after in the ICU just recovering. The doctors said that she had lost half of her body's blood supply and had to receive 6 units of blood and tons of fluids. I'm going to start giving blood more often.... So that was a tense 6 hours and I'm so thankful for everyone's support and prayers as well as for the wisdom of the doctor team while in the OR. Cristy was able to move back to the OB department and recovered for another day with her new baby! I'm so thankful that everyone is healthy and doing well!

Christmas Tree Party!

We had fun going to our 'usual spot' for cutting our Christmas Tree (not 'holiday tree', I'm not going there). It was snowing and just perfect! It's so quiet out there.....