Monday, September 22, 2008

The boys run down to meet Dad!

Carter and Brady are running down the driveway to meet their Dad who is coming home from work. Tom loads them up in the truck and brings them home with Jackson in the back. I love that Tom is such a great Dad and the boys ADORE Him. They want to be just like him! In fact, they have both said that they are growing whiskers on their chin!! : )

Our new home

We have rented our home to a family and are caretaking/staying with friends that we have known for about 5 years: Suede and Leona Knutson. In fact the boys call them Gramma Noni and Papa Suede (or Papa Lonny or Papa Henry whatever fits the day)
We love it here... It's a beautiful home and property.
Here are the boys enjoying an Otter Pop on the porch! (Compliments of Mama Youde)!

Our sweet Dillon is 9 months old!!

Nanny and Papa!!

The long awaited Trip to the BEACH HOUSE!!

Wow, what a fun visit to Texas we had this year. The best we've ever had, I believe. We spent a week lounging at a Beach house on Boliver Pennisula (which now is tragically flattened by Hurricane Ike). Here are some photos!

Wow, Carter turned 5 already!

Tom's famous cake making abilities shine through again!

This is Good!

What's in this, Dad??

Tom is teaching his other baby to swim...

Laura (Frankie) and Paul came to visit!

I miss you Frankie and Paul. One memorable thing about their visit is that we took the boys on their first hike in Glacier Park and it was about 1.5 miles each way! The kids got wet up at the top of the hike so on the way back their feet were as heavy as bricks. Interesting.... Paul got to carry 6 month old Dillon most of the way. We think you're awesome! Thanks for coming to visit us!

We had a very FUN summer enjoying the Montana outdoors!

Myles, Ashley and Cathy came to visit!

We had a BLAST with Cathy, Myles and his girlfriend Ashley! We swam at a couple of different lakes and got to go to the Waterslides. The weather was terrific and we had a GREAT time!

Camping with Marci and Eric. We LOVE You!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visitors from Canada!

Gordie and Donna (Aunt and Uncle) came to visit. We always have so much fun with them. They are really great people.

Sledding with Horses!

We had a BLAST at Jason and Vangie's house sledding behind their horses! The boys love to play in the snow and it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL winter day!

Mom loving the outdoors

I haven't laughed like this for a LONG time. It was so funny to be pulled behind a horse on a sled through the crisp, beautiful white snow. Dillon was 3 weeks old and I was still recovering from his birth. A day out in God's creation was just what I needed. It was awesome!!