Sunday, November 04, 2007

'Big Mamma' in da house!!!

What a cute pregnant lady, eh? Pregnancy does such weird things to people, did you see Cristy? She was sewing!?!? How strange... We love our mamma, she is so special to us and she loves us just how we need it. She is committed to being the best and she is the best! She naps a lot, eats a lot, and laughs a lot. What a great life we live...


the schilps said...

i agree!! can't wait to meet your new little guy or gal.

The White's said...

How fun to get caught up on your family! Cristy, you look adorable, and I know you are looking forward to the New Year with baby coming soon after. And your house is wonderful, Tom you have done a great job. And a special hi to Spiderman, Bob the Builder, and Jackson (great name for a new puppy)!
Sending our love,