Saturday, August 26, 2006

Carter Jensen

Carter, our first boy! Like most boys, he loves to be outside and he also loves anything to do with wheels: Tractors, Trucks and Semi's. He is a sweet boy that says Pweese and Sank you! He is our cautious, trustworthy boy who has a sensitive heart especially if someone has an owwie! His big achievement this month was learning to use the big toilet (thanks to stickers and M and M's). He celebrated his 3rd birthday with an awesome 'Nemo' cake made by Dad! camping with Carter was awesome. He loved every minute of it and we loved watching him!

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anna said...

wow..i am impressed using the big potty..i am also working with ellie my 2 yr. old on using the big is hard work, lots of consistency and lots of messes to clean-up..anna